• G Data AntiVirus 2015 Review


    PROS / G Data AntiVirus uses two separate scanning engines.

    CONS / The software is missing a few extra features such as a gamer mode, battery saving mode or link scanner.

    VERDICT / G Data is affordable antivirus software with a high level of security.

    G Data AntiVirus is one of the best antivirus software products. It supports a high level of security and it is easy to use. Antivirus and antispyware protection are combined with web protection. The software protects from any number of threats (online or off), including phishing scams, dialers, adware, malicious scripts, Trojans, rootkits and worms. The software also incorporates advanced protection from malware spread through email or IM. The software goes as far as scanning outbound email for viruses and other malware, so you won’t accidentally pass along a threat to your friends or coworkers.

    G Data AntiVirus 2015

    G Data uses two distinct virus scanners. It performs well with third-party testers. AV Comparatives found the software to be in tip-top shape. While the software wasn’t the fastest, the 10.6MB/sec scanning speed was more than adequate, and G Data came away with the highest total detection rate: an almost perfect score of 99 percent. Virus Bulletin also found this antivirus solution to be more than adequate, and certified the software with the VB 100%. It is certainly one of the most thorough and effective at detecting and removing viruses and malware.

    1. Protection test results from AV-Test, April 2014
    2. 10 G Data AntiVirus
      100 Percent
    3. 100 Percent
    4. 100 Percent
    5. 100 Percent
    6. Category Average
      89.71 Percent

    While you can simply install the software and forget about it, additional setup is pretty quick and will help you schedule scans and customize settings. G Data AntiVirus uses two scanning engines, but certainly doesn’t take twice as long as other security software. In fact, the program is actually fairly fast and resource efficient. While it’s not the most efficient with your system resources, it certainly is better than most antivirus software (and shouldn’t cause any system heartburn).

    G Data’s antivirus software is simple to use. Advanced users or the overly cautious type should have no problem manually using the program and monitoring performance. More importantly, beginners and users who just need the software to work without much intervention will also have no trouble simply letting G Data run in the background. The interface brings most of the functions right to the front, easily accessible on the main dashboard. The main screen hosts a quick security status overview, and if there are any problems, you can fix them with one click.

    G Data AntiVirus comes with all the essential tools to keep your computer safe. And while it doesn’t have some of the additional features that add convenience (silent gamer mode, password protected settings or laptop battery mode), the software has a healthy dose of extra features. One feature that can’t be overstated is the unique integration of two separate scanning engines. Running an antivirus scan using both engines increases efficacy, and won’t considerably slow you down. And while there is plenty of overlap with two scanning engines, the virus signature database is the heart of any security software.

    Another impressive feature is the self-learning fingerprinting and whitelisting. Basically, the software is able to automatically analyze files and determine if they pose a threat (or will in the future). Especially good for the set-and-forget user, updates are performed automatically and in the background. Both virus signature definitions and actual program updates will run automatically or can be updated manually. Regular updates are performed hourly and are small enough that they won’t affect regular computer use. If you’re using G Data at work, you can easily set up the software to update with your proxy server.

    G Data AntiVirus has the typical in-program help files and traditional help (searchable support section and online support form). There is an emergency phone line for immediate assistance.


    G Data AntiVirus offers good protection against viruses and other malware. It scans incoming email for threats and protects you during online banking transactions. It protects your personal data even when you are on social networks.

    G Data AntiVirus 2015